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5 TIPS For Capturing Amazing Photos of ordinary objects For Instagram

5 Tips for Capturing Photos for instagram

We all love capturing pictures from our everyday moments no matter how basic our phone is. However, what our eyes perceive is quite different from what we capture on our phones. There are basic settings on your phone’s camera that you might have not discovered yet that can allow you to capture those ‘wow’ pictures. Along with that, there are other creative ways to capture those eye-orgasmic pictures for the gram. We are here to present to you those 5 super awesome tricks which will make you gram those basic yet creative pictures.

Restructuring your angle will help. Instead of taking pictures from the same basic angle that you do for all your pictures, try re-adjusting the position of your camera or of yourself. This will allow you to see the ways in which you can capture the same image. It is just like trying to decode what a literary text means from different perspectives. Mind-boggling!

Try adding a sub-frame for your original subject. Instead of clicking the basic picture of your subject, try to find a sub-frame or some surface that can reflect your original subject. This will give your subject a different perspective and it will be more eye-appetizing.

Try focussing on the details of the subject. We all may ignore certain details of the objects that we see in our daily life, but things like a basic pull and push door will also be a subject of photography for a photographer. Now what that photographer does is that instead of trying to capture that entire door, he might capture some of the details of that door that might go unnoticed by someone else. Focussing and giving more importance to the details can make your image stand out. Defo, we suggest you to try this.

Add Filters. Apart from trying to changing angles and compositions, try to add filters to your image. Experimenting with filters is the way to know what filter would make the image look great visually. Instagram has loads of options for filters to choose from and experiment with. Look at this filtered image with black and white composition.

Editing. Instagram and other image editing apps offer several tools for editing images. You have options to adjust brightness, contrast your image, structure the light well, saturate and sharpen the images. Editing is a great way to know the capability of improvement in your image.


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